13 November 2012

Mak Railway System next in line for upgrade

Works for overhaul of Corridor 10 railroad sections Kumanovo-Tabanovce and Miravci-Smokvica were launched at the Kumanovo railway station of Saturday.
The activities are part of the Government's project for reconstruction of Corridor 10, 54km-long sections, worth EUR 17,6 million.
Besides the Kumanovo-Tabanovce and Miravci-Smokvica sections, the project also includes railroad Nogaevci-Negotino.
"This reconstruction will significantly improve the railway's operations, increase safety of this type of transport, as well as enable increased speeds of trains up to 120kph", said Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski at the event marking the start of reconstruction works.
German consortium "Wiebe & Alpine" is the contractor of the works, due to be completed in one year.
According to PM Gruevski, preparatory activities for reconstruction of railroad section Bitola-Kremenica, which is currently not in use, have also begun, which would result in improvement of possibilities for transport between Macedonia and Greece.
"Its reconstruction is significant for industrial zone 'Zabeni' near Bitola, but also meets requirements by the business community for establishment of a railway link between the Pelagonija region and Greece's north", he added.
The Corridor 10 overhaul process also includes railroad sections Kumanovo-Deljadrovce and Dracevo-Veles, along with the reconstruction of larger railway stations.
"Besides investments in new and reconstruction of old railroad sections, we are planning the procurement of new train compositions and cars, improvements in safety and signal system at railroads, as well as other projects that clearly demonstrate the better tomorrow of Macedonia's railway transport", underlined PM Gruevski. 

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