09 November 2012

Bitola joins regional project on protection of cultural heritage

Bitola with its old bazaar is one of the seven sites in Southeast Europe included in the Cherplan project, which aims at improving cultural heritage by planning the environment and management. The project is supported by UNESCO and financed by the European Union's IPA funds.
EUR 124.000 have been provided to realise Cherplan in Bitola and it is one of the four projects implemented in Macedonia with respect to cultural heritage protection with IPA funds.
Cherplan's (www.cherplan.eu) long-term goal is to enable sustainable development in historical towns, stimulation of social-economic development, improvement of the quality of living and opening of new jobs.
The project, planned to be closed in February 2014, will be promoted in 2014 together with the projects conducted by the remaining six countries - Aquileia (Italy), Berat (Albania), Cetinje (Montenegro), Hallstatt (Austria), Idrija (Slovenia) and Naupactus (Greece).
Bitola and the town's old bazaar have been proposed by experts on protection of cultural heritage. It has been concluded that Bitola with the old bazaar is the most adequate site for Cherplan.
Culture Minister Elizabeta Kanceska-Milevska told a press conference on Wednesday that Cherplan was a regional example of establishing cooperation between cultural institutions focused on sustainable use of the cultural heritage and its significance in the country's social and economic development.
"Activities in Macedonia are focused on the important landmark, Bitola's old bazaar, which have witnessed the fulfilled business and cultural life of the town of consuls. The project's goal is to revitalise the bazaar in Bitola. A strategy of reviving the Bitola old bazaar with an action and business plan and a management plan on protecting the environment will be prepared in the future," Kanceska-Milevska said.

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