24 November 2012

Macedonia wineries to present their products in Slovenia

Macedonian wineries Tikves, Skovin, Bovin and Kamnik - members of the association "Wines from Macedonia" - will present their products on November 22-23 at the most prestigious Wine & Gastronomy festival in Ljubljana.
This year the event will bring together 130 producers from Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Croatia and Macedonia, the Agency for Foreign Investments and Export Promotion says.
The presentation of Macedonian wineries is organized by the country's embassy in Slovenia and Agency for Foreign Investments and Export Promotion.
"The aim of being present in such events is to bring the Macedonian wine on EU markets in line with the marketing strategy for exporting wine in the Union. The strategy, designed by the wineries, considers the Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia and Switzerland as top markets for the Macedonian wine," the Agency says.

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