05 August 2012

World Paragliders go nuts after Macedonia

World's best paragliders are meeting in Krusevo for the 2012 world cup in paragliding. The participants are loving every second of their stay, here is how the Paragliding Federation describes Macedonia... 

"MACEDONIA - that unforgettable name evoking images of ancient, great civilizations and exotic adventure - is also a warm and welcoming modern-day republic.

A small and beautiful country nestled in the southeast of Europe, Macedonia offers its visitors a unique blend of natural wonders, traditions and cultures as well as a long tradition of unrivalled hospitality.

From their savoury cuisine to their love of music, dance and general merrymaking, Macedonians know how to make their guests feel at home. Combining these qualities with the country’s dramatic mountains and canyons, its deep lakes and rivers, Macedonia has something for everyone.

Macedonia is a predominantly mountainous country. The average altitude of the terrain is 850 meters. Highest peak is Golem Korab in Western Macedonia 2764m ASL. About 80% of the country consists of hills and mountains. Lucky them!"

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