28 August 2012

Carriage Ride through Skopje, Starting Next Month

Skopje selected the firm for the supply of a carriage as part of the coach which will be used for rides through the capital.
Tehnometal Vardar is selected as the best bidder.
In the next two weeks, the firm is obliged to procure a carriage. Daily newspaper Dnevnik reported that the carriage will cost 14,000 euros.
It will be a great tourist attraction. After this purchase, horses will be supplied as well.
They are placed on the agenda in two weeks, because the supply of horses is carried out as early as September.
The horses will be kept in the zoo and trained persons will take care for them.
The coach’s route is still not defined.
This project will cost 40 thousand euros, and the money is provided by the City of Skopje.

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