14 August 2012

Multimillionaire Subrata Roy wants to build a Las Vegas in Macedonia

In a statement for the Indian newspaper “Financial chronicle” the head of the company “Sahara India Parivar,” said that he plans to build a complex of casinos, hotels and entertainment centers in Macedonia.

-The concept of the design we made for “Las Vegas” will be proposed to the Macedonian government in September and the structural design early in next year. Once approved, we hope to start working on it in a year and a half, says Roy.

The multimillionaire, who after his visit to the country in the middle of June announced a major investment in Macedonia, did not say for the newspaper exactly how much the planned project would cost.
Impressed with the people in Macedonia and the country itself, Roy said he plans to invest in something huge.

-I intend to start a business that would result in a great production that will be exported. I want my business here to draw many tourists and help with employment, stated the Indian businessman.
Despite the announced “Las Vegas” project, the Indians have shown interest in investing in tourism, agriculture and mining.

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