26 May 2012

TraWell (Skopje) - Android App

TraWell is an application designed to be an intelligent and touristic guide which can provide you
simple but very fun navigation in the town of Skopje, the capital city of Macedonia.
This application is easy to use and it can provide complete and organized visit through all the places in
the old town: cafes, museums, galleries, churches, mosques, monuments, traditional Turkish Hamas,
restaurants, bars.. and many more places to see in this particular traditional old part of Skopje.
Once the user starts using this application, he can get full insight of a complete and fun visit which
includes gallery of pictures, maps, description of the places and rankings and comments from other
users. But what it makes this application even more interesting to use is its features such as:
-Reality +, a location based and augmented reality service that can provide you information of places
that are in your surroundings including distance and orientation.
-E-Card, service providing creating e-post cards and their sharing online vie social networks and mailing.
The pictures taken can also be saved in a personalized gallery.
-Tour Plan, a personalized catalogue of the placed the user wants to visit including map, orientation and
agenda (with time and dates) for the chosen places to visit.
This application can also be used offline. Once you download the application the user can get full guide
with pictures, maps and description of the places.

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