30 May 2012

Bitola, Thessaloniki mayors sign declaration of cooperation

Thessaloniki, 24 May 2012 (MIA) - The mayors of Bitola and Thessaloniki - Vladimir Talevski and Yiannis Boutaris - signed a declaration for cooperation and joint promotion before EU funds within the INTERREG and IPA programmes with a project "Cultural Industries", MIA reported from Thessaloniki.
Taleski and Boutaris at their joint meeting held yesterday in Thessaloniki discussed cooperation in the field of culture, tourism, new technologies and education.
"Our embraces are wide open. In order to cooperate in various spheres, a special protocol with clear cooperation strategy will be prepared soon.  Despite the fact that the two countries have some political differences, the two friendly nations share a lot of ties that need to be developed," Boutaris said after the meeting.
In addition to Thessaloniki, Bitola has established cooperation with several Greek cities, including Florina, Edessa and Kastoria. Yesterday's talks were the first official meeting between mayors of Bitola and Thessaloniki.
Taleski said the cooperation between the two cities was in the interest of Macedonian and Greek citizens. "We are convinced that the absurd issue will be settled and life on both sides of the border will be much better," mayor Talevski stated.
The "Cultural Industries" project is an introduction into a wider and bigger cooperation, Taleski and Boutaris concluded.

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