30 May 2012

Solun (Thessaloniki) mayor to build a house in Krusevo

Yiannis Boutaris, the mayor of Solun is quietly moving back to his roots, in southern Macedonia.
Krusevo city council announced the Solun mayor has received green light to build a house in Krusevo, the city where his parents came from.
The house will be in a traditional Vlach style and follow the renowned Krusevo architecture, authentic to the house of his parents, reports Kanal 5.
The 30 room home will not be built at the same location in the city, the location is presently the home of the Krusevo center for retirees.
Part of the house will be turned into a museum, while the rest will be turned into a home for Yiannis Boutaris. 
Boutaris will visit Krusevo in August, where he is expected to provide all the details for his new home, reports Kanal 5.
Is Boutaris removing the mask he's worn for so long? Good to see Macedonians are coming home.

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