14 April 2010

President Ivanov: Greece needs a reality check

Greece should face the reality and recognize the existence of a Macedonian state and a Macedonian nation, said Tuesday President Gjorge Ivanov regarding Greek remarks on Macedonia's decision to preside over the CoE Committee of Ministers under name "Macedonian Presidency 2010".
"The Council of Europe has its principles as an international organization, whereas Macedonia as chair-country will contribute to the Council reforms. Every member-state has the right to challenge something", said Ivanov following the opening of the 13.
Macedonian Students Games in Ohrid. Asked if Greece's remark clearly demonstrates the country's stance of refusing to recognize Macedonian identity, President Ivanov stressed this is a problem that has burdened bilateral relations for two decades, adding Athens should finally accept reality.
He expects UN envoy Matthew Nimetz to schedule a new round of talks by the month-end. "We expect Nimetz to brief countries' negotiators Jolevski and Vassilakis. Now is a sensitive period and we expect to see what is offered on the table", said Ivanov.

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