19 April 2010

PM Gruevski visits Tetovo's flooded area

Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski visited Sunday the flooded area, Tetovo's Raotince village, where in the past couple of days the river Vardar spilled out of its banks, inundating about 30 houses and 200 hectares of cultivable soil along the river.
The PM together with Agriculture Minister Ljupco Dimovski and the directors of the Crisis Management Center and the Protection and Rescue Directorate visited Raotince residents to oversee the situation and determine whether the Government is able to provide assistance. After meeting with residents, Gruevski said yesterday was the most critical day, adding that the water has receded. - This is not happening for the first time. Inundations have emerged before.
Evidently, this region is critical and a long-term solution must be found, PM Gruevski stated. He vowed to review the project envisaging overhaul and arrangement of the Vardar river bank 7 kilometers lengthwise. The village of Raotnice has been facing this problem for over 30 years. A project to overhaul the river bank has been made back in 1974 and it was renewed in 2005, but it remains unfinished. The situation in Raotnice today is back to normal, the water has receded into the river bank.

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