28 April 2010

Macedonia native wins World’s Top Restaurant Award

Copenhagen’s Noma, which showcases the work of a young Macedonian-born Danish chef, edged out the top two eateries to win the award for world’s best restaurant, the World Street Journal said.
René Redzepi, 32, chef at the two Michelin star-rated Noma on Copenhagen’s docks, brought seven of his top eight staff to celebrate winning first place in the S. Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurant awards.
Redzepi claims he doesn’t use olive oil, tomatoes or nonseasonal garlic, as all of staff’s produce is from Denmark and the neighboring Nordic countries. He has championed such obscure ingredients as 45-year-old horse mussels from the Faroe Islands, monkfish livers and wild beach roses.
“I love this award and am so happy about what it can do for our country and our products,“ the World Street Journal quotes the 32-year-old chef saying.
Redzepi, who is half Dannish, half Macedonian, was the insider’s favorite to knock both Ferran Adriŕ’s El Bulli and Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck from their culinary perch, where they have exchanged the top two positions for the past six years.
The list was announced at a chef-studded ceremony at Guildhall, in London’s financial district.

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