05 February 2013

Treskavec Monastery gets 615,000 Den help from Government

The Government has granted one-time financial support of Denar 615.000 as first aid for renovation of the Treskavec monastery complex, damaged by fire this Monday. 
The Government entrusted the Ministry of Culture to design a complete project  for the monastery's reconstruction and restoration for one month at latest, Government spokesman Aleksandar Gjorgiev told reporters on Tuesday.

According to the project and cost-assessments, the Government will offer additional financial support for reconstruction of the damaged parts of the monastery complex.
A team of the Ministry of Interior is on the location to investigate the cause of the fire, Gjorgiev said.
Treskavec is one of the largest blocks of monasteries in Macedonia and a world-renowned monument of culture.

It has been caught by three massive fires in the past. The most recent one took place in 1990 when the monastery dormitories were completely damaged.
The monastery is situated on Mount Zlatovrv, 8 km north of Prilep. Built in the 12th century, it is known for being very inaccessible and has only one monk. The monastery possesses a large collection of Byzantine frescoes.

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