09 February 2013

Recently opened Kozuv ski center flooded with Tourists

This year, during the first wave of tourists (6,000) at the newly constructed Kozuv ski center, over 3,500 came from Greece.

Kozuv has had quite the impression on both domestic and foreign skiers, so much so, the World Tourist Agency at the UN will advertise and market the Macedonian ski resort in the next two years.
 Kozuv is only an hour and half by car to Solun, so each weekend the majority of the tourists are from Solun.

 Two four star hotels are currently being built which will increase the sleeping capacity at the ski resort by 500 rooms. Thus far, the ski resot is very well known among skiers from the surrounding Balkan nations, however the plan via the UN is to make it known world wide. 
Everyone should experience the miles of open ski trails...

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