06 February 2012

Mak Government Keeps Name of Major Investor Secret

A Car Factory will be built in the region between Veles and Kavadarci, which will employ 4,000 people.
This was announced today by PM Gruevski during his visit to the University for Mechanical Engineering in Skopje.
- They have yet to chose their location, however have already made a decision to invest and registered their company in Macedonia. According to their analysis, they will employ 4,000 people in the next two years. I don't believe we have a private or state firm that employs 4,000 people, said PM Gruevski.
According to the PM, the company will hire 300-400 people by the end of the year, while the rest will come in the next year.- Where exactly they will build is solely their decision. As of this time we can't make the name of this company public, except that they are a major German company in the Auto sector.

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