06 February 2012

Heavy snowfall slows down traffic acros Macedonia

Snowfalls throughout Macedonia have slowed down traffic. There are no significant delays in road, railway and airline traffic, but heavy vehicles are banned at several road sections.
The Auto-Motto Union of Macedonia said flow of traffic on the road network is slow due to snowfalls.
Heavy vehicles are banned at road sections Mavrovo - Debar, Struga - Kjafasan, Struga - Debar, Makedonski Brod - Prilep, as well as Straza, Bukovo, Gjavato, Pletvar and Preseka mountian slopes. Winter equipment is obligatory for all vehicles at Kriva Palanka - Deve Bair road.
Drivers are reminded to adjust their speed to the winter conditions, especially at road sections Katlanovo-Veles and Debar-Struga where landslides are possible. Intensity of traffic is moderate outside urban areas. No longer delays are reported at border crossings for country entry and exit.
Despite snowfalls, there are no delays in the airline traffic at Skopje airport "Alexander the Great", whereas trains from Skopje-based Railway Station depart with slight delays. Moreover, the Skopje bus station has reported delays not exceeding 15 minutes.
The Hydrometeorological Administration has said snowfalls will be intensive, especially in the country's western and southern regions, accompanied by southeast winds.
Temperatures will range between -9C and 0C.
Similar weather in Skopje with temperatures up to -3C.

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