28 October 2011

“Vero” opening two new supermarkets in Macedonia

Company “Vero” denied yesterday the media  rumors that it’s leaving from Macedonia and announces opening of two new supermarkets. The company’s officials  said that the market in this country operate profitably.
In the first six months of the year Vero’s profit grew by 25% compared to same period last year.
"The results achieved Veropulos Skopje are among the best throughout Veropulos group. The company has seen continuous growth, has set long-term development policy, and soon, in December this year, will open a new supermarket in Vero Skopje. Next year our investment plan includes the opening of another supermarket, "the company’s officials stated.
"Development plans Veropulos and passion with which people run this company, confirmed that Vero will continue to grow and implement new standards and innovation in retail services,", Costas Teodosiadis, director of  of Veropulos Skopje told to the media.

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