10 October 2011

First Snow on Shar Mountain

Popova Sapka condition - 10.10.2011
Shar mountain and ski resort Popova Shapka are under a blanket of snow. Most of the ski resort is covered by 5cm snow blanket, while the higher regions of Shar mountain are covered with snow exceeding 20cm, inform Popova shapka hoteliers.
It snowed the entire night, however rain in the morning melted some of the snow.
Ski organization 'Popova Shapka' says they are ready for the upcoming winter season, they have corrected two ski runs, the only thing they are waiting on is snow.
It would appear there will be plenty of snow this year as well. Most of the Balkan region had been covered by snow, earlier than anticipated. Bosnia, Slovenia and Croatia were covered in snow two weeks ago.

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