27 July 2010

Travel Channel: Macedonia an exciting destination

Starting from September the Travel Channel International will broadcast a 30-minute documentary about Macedonia's tourist potentials and natural resources.

The documentary 'Essential Macedonia & Travel Today' will depict the country's essence by presenting its natural, historic and cultural treasury and images of the every-day life of its citizens, movie's producer Ged Celugh said Thursday at a press conference.

The documentary will be presented in 20 languages and 120 countries across the globe for the next three years. 

The Travel Channel International has chosen to reserch Macedonia as it reflects the network's concept for a series of documentaries about interesting, exciting destinations, Celugh said.

Presenter Danny Robins is satisfied with Macedonia's hospitality, delicious food, possibilities for mountain biking, the Ohrid Lake beauty, wine tourism and dazzling landscape.

Our knowledge about Macedonia is poor, so the country is a kind of mystery we are about to reveal, Robins said.

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