09 July 2010

Finnish tour-operator signs agreements with Struga, Ohrid hotels

Organized by the Agency for promotion and support of tourism and our economic promoter in Finland, Katerina Orovcanec in Macedonia for the first time stayed representatives of the largest Finnish tour operator "Aurinkomatkat" who signed contracts with several hotels from Ohrid and Struga coast for the next tourist season. As reported by the Agency for promotion and support of tourism, they had the opportunity to experience the tourist potentials of Macedonia, hotel facilities and the airport in Ohrid, after which they’ve decided to put Macedonia in their program in 2011.According to this, for the first time in Macedonian tourism opens the possibility, next year to establish a charter flight between Helsinki - Ohrid, which would begin from June 1 and would last until the end of August 2011. For this manner, the Agency for promotion of tourism and support the next year, will participate in the tourism fair held in Helsinki in the period from January 20 to 23. At the same time, several activities such as study trips, will be scheduled for Finnish journalists in Macedonia, promotion in printed media and other activities - a statement by the Agency to promote and support tourism.Finnish tour operator "Aurinkomatkat is part of the airline company Finn Air, which serves that 350,000 tourists from different destinations in Finland in the world.

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