05 May 2010

Samsung and Kosep to build windmills in Macedonia

South Korea, too, is interested in the wind from Stip. Korea South-East Power CO (KOSEP), the largest electricity-producer in South Korea, together with companies Samsung and Spanish Inval, is in Stip, looking into the possibilities of windmill construction in the area.
From KOSEP, they say that they are interested in the project because it has growth potential. The company plans to enter the investment in partnership with Samsung and Inval. The launch of works will depend on the licenses, which should be obtained within the next 2-3 months, the KOSEP informs.
Spanish Inval has been working in Macedonia for three years, taking care of documentation needed for the windmill. The company claims there are no delays in the project and that it is being carried out according to the legal dynamics.

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