13 May 2010

13th Century gold coins unearthed at Skopje Fortress

Archaeologists have unearthed at the Skopje Fortress a jug with 46 gold coins from the 13th century – when Skopje was ruled by John III Doukas – and 77 Venetian silver coins from periods of various rulers.
Manager of the excavations Dragi Mitrevski said the discovery was one of the most luxurious findings at the fortress and its importance laid in the fact that it determined the periods of rule in Skopje.
- The coins determine the historical moment of the demolition of the Byzantine city and the moment when Serbs conquered Skopje and ruled it in the next 110 years. The artifact is the most beautiful illustration of the moment from the history of the city. Now, we are researching the residues of these layers where the jug was found. Women’s jewelry worn probably by the highest class in the Byzantine aristocracy was also excavated today. It depicts the specific historic moment in late 13th century, which is now being excavated, said Mitreski.
Minister of Culture Elizabeta Kanceska-Milevska visited Wednesday the archaeological site, which is being researched for three years in a row.
- This is a crucial site and one of those that contain the entire cultural and historical tradition of the Republic of Macedonia, she said.

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