21 December 2009


A total of 100 citizens of Macedonia will be picked at lottery Thursday evening for cost-free trip to Paris on Saturday, when EU's decision to scrap visa requirements enters into effect. Macedonian state television will broadcast the lottery.
Some 10,000 citizens with biometrical passports have applied for the trip. All the selected lucky winners will get free air tickets to Paris. The government organized the trip to mark the EU's decision to scarp visa obligations for the citizens of Macedonia. Deputy Prime Minister in charge of EU Integration Vasko Naumovski and Interior Minister Gordana Jankulovska, as well as 20 best students, will accompany the lucky winners.
The travelers will have a unique opportunity to land in a country, member of the White Schengen zone, without visa requirements. They will enjoy a sightseeing tour of French capital. The one-day travel also will include a reception at the Macedonian Embassy in Paris. The European Union lifted the visa obligations for the citizens of Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro. The holders of biometric passports will be entitled to visa-free travel to 25 members of the 27-nation bloc - except for Britain and Ireland - as well as in Norway, Switzerland and Iceland Finally, the time has come, VISA free regime.
For most of the readers from Europe and USA its normal to travel where you want, when you want. But, it can do no harm to imagine how hard it was for Macedonians to be cut in their freedom like this, especially when in the past ( before the nineties) they were free to go and then suddenly they got a blockade.

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