14 December 2009


The Macedonian president launched a scathing attack against the European Union condemning it for double standards. "We will not cave under any pressure to change our name or identity just to be a part of the European Union. We've lived this (hi)story many times before, not again. Whatever the outcome of the talks in Brussels, Macedonia will stay right here.
We have a European perspective that will be achieved together, with the support of all ethnic and religious communities, all parties and all citizens of Macedonia", Ivanov emphasized. In the presence of foreign ambassadors in the country, he said that Europe unfortunately still has leaders who allow to be carried away by someone's petty interests and hidden agenda. "Any violations of EU's principles today, tomorrow will bring new violations, new disorders, dozens of new blockades.
Who knows what will be asked of us tomorrow!? Macedonia gets a hesitant response, we receive requests and rules which apply only to us and change from day to day, we let obstructions and pressures from petty interests decide outcomes.
We see the absence of vision at the EU. We hear of integration announcements first for 2012, then 2014, 2015. How we can achieve those terms? With obstacles and obstructions", asked Ivanov.

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