09 September 2013

Macedonia and UNMIK-Kosovo protectorate entering into an open trade war

Brussels reacts over the Macedonian-Kosovo dispute after the newly-formed Balkan country has reached a decision to ban the import of certain products from Macedonia, MIA reports from Brussels.

On Monday, the European Commission urged the parties involved in the dispute - which is turning into an embargo for Macedonian products in Kosovo as Macedonia is introducing fees for all Kosovo citizens entering the country - to abide by the obligations stemming from the Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA).

"We aim to clarify the measures reported recently and we expect the parties to abide by their obligations stemming from the Central European Free Trade Agreement," EC spokesman Peter Stano told media.
In July, Macedonia imposed a measure to limit the import of wheat and flour from all members of the Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA), including Kosovo, in an effort to protect domestic production.
The spokesman declined to say whether the EU would make any direct attempts in order to settle the trade dispute between Macedonia and Kosovo.

MINA's sources in Prishtina say the trade embargo in Kosovo is unfluenced by drug lord Moni Karliu who is known as a major wheat producer in NATO's protectorate.  He is also known as one of the biggest drug dealers in the Balkans and has most of Kosovo's parliament members on his payroll. Unhappy with Macedonian measure to limit wheat imports into the country, Karliu pressured the Kosovo government to impose counter measures. Similar thing happened between Kosovo and Albania few years ago.

This morning chaos on the Macedonian Kosovo border as Kosovo put the ramp on all Macedonian trucks entering the protectorate. 
The Macedonian Government is looking at imposing visas on Kosovo residents as a counter measure.

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