08 July 2013

British agro producers interested in Macedonian market

Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy Ljupco Dimovski met in London with British Minister of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs David Heath, urging UK businessmen to invest in Macedonia due to the benefits it offers, especially in the agriculture sector.
"Our doors are open for investments in production or distribution centers for agriculture products", said Dimovski after the meeting.

Minister Dimovski said Macedonia has harmonized regulations in line with EU requirements, achieving standards acceptable for the strict European market.

"The country's climate and soil enable quality agriculture products with a characteristic aroma, color and taste. The Government has implemented stimulative measures, whereas exports of Macedonian agriculture products has doubled, mainly at EU markets. We hope the quality will result in our increased presence at the British market", he added.

Minister Heath said British producers have shown interest for entry at the Macedonian market, while the UK market is open for Macedonian wine.

He stressed that UK-Macedonia relations are good, but there is room for increased cooperation. Heath offered support for improvement of the food quality and safety, as well as improvement of measures towards increased output.

Minister Dimovski was accompanied in London by Food and Veterinary Agency director Dejan Runtevski.

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