18 April 2013

Skopje to host international business forum

Promoting the markets of Balkan countries as a single joint market is one of the goals of the Second International Business Forum organised by the Macedonian-Israeli Business Club (MIBC) in Skopje on Thursday.

The forum titled "The Balkans - Alternative Road from Israel to Europe" brings together representatives of 100 companies from Israel, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Russia, Turkey, Macedonia, Croatia, Serbia, Albania, Bulgaria and Kosovo in the field of IT, agriculture and food industry, renewable energy sources, medicine and pharmacy.

"Macedonia's market is small for foreign investors or large companies from abroad. Thus, the idea of the forum is to encourage all our neighbours from the Balkans to join forces and offer a single Balkan market to large international companies, including those from Israel," MIBC's executive director Ekaterina Dimitrovska stated on the sidelines of the event.

Deputy economy minister Hristijan Delev said the business forum was a crucial event to launch new businesses and to exchange ideas.
"The government of Macedonia supports such events and hopes that more of them will be organised in the future, because they offer a unique chance for businesses to establish contacts. There is great potential to cooperate with Israel in agriculture and energy," Delev noted.
Israel's honorary consul Viktor Mizrahi pointed out that Macedonia and Israel were fostering excellent political relations, which was not the case with economic ties.

"We are attempting business relations to reach a satisfying level. I hope that these forums will contribute to increasing foreign exchange between Israel and Macedonia," said Mizrahi.

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