24 January 2013

Indian businessman promises Ohrid Complex to be in World's top 10

Indian businessmen Subrata Roy said Thursday the tourism complex set to be built at the Ohrid Lake shore would be among the world's top ten.
"The entire project is primarily initiated from a business aspect. We do not want it to be an average complex, but one of the top ten destinations of this type in the world", Roy told reporters on Ohrid.
He emphasized that the ambitious project would be beneficial for both parties - Macedonia and Sahara Group.
I see the project's economic justification by targeting elite clientele from the whole world, in particular from India, Russia, China, Europe, he said.
"I believe that millions of India's citizens will come here as tourists. It is also the case with people from China, Russia, Europe. I don't expect a great number of guests from Canada, US. Its hard to predict who would our guests be, but I am certain that this project will improve the economic situation in your country," Roy said.

His host, Vice Premier and Finance Minister Zoran Stavreski said a coordinating team of about 30 experts, as well as representatives of competent institutions and the Sahara Group, has been established towards regulating all legal, economic and environmental issues, as well as the Ohrid Lake protection as a UNESCO heritage site.
This is a large investment, which will substantially affect on Macedonia's economic growth during its construction and exploitation, i.e. the expected large number of tourists, Stavreski said.

It will be even more significant for Ohrid and its region, as the new complex will attract visitors at all times, which means thousands of new jobs and more work for small businesses (markets, restaurants...), Stavreski said.

The complex, considering its exquisite quality, will be promoted across the globe, which means a lot for Macedonia, Stavreski said, pointing out that it is an additional motivation for the Government to keep working on attracting foreign investments and making the country a better place for living.

The 'Saharayan Macedonia' complex, located near village Ljubanista, will include world class hotels, casinos, residential and recreational facilities and an international standard gold golf course.

Project 'Saharayan Macedonia' was designed by Atkins – a multinational engineering, design, planning, project management and consulting services company headquartered in the United Kingdom. The design bears the signature of architect Tom Wright, who on his list of works of art also has the Burj Al Arab in Dubai - the world's only seven-star hotel.

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