18 June 2012

49. Racin Meetings close

Veles, 16 June 2012 (MIA) - The 49. Rain Meetings closed late on Friday with the presentation of awards in Veles' Youth Park.
Veles Mayor Goran Petrov and Racin Meetings chairman Todor Calovskki presented the 2012 Honorary Racin Award to Greek author and publisher Kostas Valetas for promotion of Macedonian literature and culture beyond Macedonia's borders.
"This award represents a continuation of the cooperation between the two nations. I am overjoyed to receive this award, because it bears the name of Racin, who I carry in my heart, alongside Blaze Koneski and several other Macedonian authors. I will continue to translate Macedonian literature in Greek and promoted the cultural values of your people and other Balkan nations", said Valetas.
The 2012 Racin Award was presented to author Hristo Petreski for his novel "The Elevator is Not for Two".
"This award is prestigious, since it bears the name of Racin, who was an avant garde author in his time. He is the most social Macedonian author and people's poet", said Petreski.
Koco Racin (1908-1943) was a Macedonian revolutionary and author who is considered a founder of modern Macedonian literature. His poem collection White Dawns is one of the most important masterpieces in Macedonian modern literature. Racin wrote in prose too and created some significant works with themes from history, philosophy, and literary critique.

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