06 September 2011

Johnson Controls starts new Euro 20 mln investment in Shtip

"Johnson Controls" - the US auto interiors manufacturer - is launching its second investment in Macedonia in amount of approximately Euro 20 million. Contracts are due to be signed in the next two to three weeks, while the construction of a plant located in the Stip Technological and Industrial Zone will start in mid-October.

Premier Nikola Gruevski, who met Friday with Macedonia's project manager Steven Meylemans, said country's good business conditions have been acknowledged since the company decided to invest in Macedonia for the second time. "This investment will be a serious contribution to the Macedonian economy," the PM said.

"It is particularly significant that the company, which is multinational and famous around the world, has decided to invest in Macedonia for the second time. International investors seeking places to invest will notice this in no time. When a company decides to launch a second investment in the same country it means that it is satisfied with the conditions, communication with authorities as well as with other factors necessary for a good business climate. The plant, despite opening new jobs, is expected to boost Macedonia's export and to improve the living standards of local residents," PM Gruevski stated.

He added that the company's decision was seen as a recognition of Government's efforts made in recent years to advance business conditions and to attract investors. In 2007 and 2008, the PM noted, an important investment wave began when many companies had either started building or reserved a location for construction after signing a cooperation memorandum.

"Unfortunately, the global economic crisis halted most of the constructions, not only in Macedonia, but also in other countries as well. As the global economic crisis is lessening, the interest for building production plants, including in Macedonia, is mounting. Almost two months following the June elections, this is the fourth company to announce start of construction activities in Macedonia," PM Gruevski said after the meeting.
He noted that the Government will make efforts to enable the company to launch the construction of a plant in Stip in mid-October.
Meylemans said Macedonia was picked as a business destination, because it is competitive and first and foremost due to the support and professionalism offered by domestic institutions.
The plant will focus on producing car seat covers. Offering 1.400 jobs, it is expected to start its operations within a year to serve its European clients.

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