11 July 2011

Goran Atanasovski - Awarded best promoter of Macedonia

Skopje, 16 March 2011 (MIA) - Goran Atanasovski is the winner of 2010 Best Promoter Award for his on-line project Travel2Macedonia and website www.travel2macedonia.com.mk.
The Macedonia's Best Promoter Award is initiated by the project 'Macedonia Loves You' (www.macedonialovesyou.com) as a recognition to people who love Macedonia and promote the country across the globe by their music, photos, humanitarian activities...
The project's mastermind, Macedonia's sincere friend form Poland Stanisalv Pigon, presented the award to Atanasovski at a ceremony in Skopje City Museum.
The Life Achievement Award is presented to Victor A. Friedman for his 35 efforts to promote the Macedonian language and culture across the globe.
Extra statutory awards are presented to Vesna Sokolovska for promoting the Macedonian culture, tradition in London, tenor Blagoj Nacoski for his artistic achievements and promotion of Macedonia worldwide, Team Macedonia Export for supporting Macedonian companies abroad and Vasko Markovski for his 'Free Time Guide' publication.
Awards are also presented to several, individuals, associations and companies.
The award winners have been chosen by citizens at a contest, which was running on the social network Facebook in the past three months.

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