05 January 2010

Macedonia's Smoking Ban Obeyed

Law on Protection from Smoking is obeyed, controls of the State Market Inspectorate show. Economy Ministry informed that inspectors carried out controls in Old Skopje Bazaar, at Skopje downtown and Makedonija street whereat no violation of law is recorded. Law on Protection from Smoking entered into force on Jan. 1, encompassing a complete ban of smoking in cafes, restaurants, nightclubs, but also in all places that serve food and beverages.
Smoking is not banned only in people's homes, at open spaces and public areas free of sporting competitions, cultural and entertainment events, gatherings and other public events.
Law violations will result in EUR 150-300 fines for smokers, firms will have to pay EUR 2,500-4,500, whereas hospitality facilities would be closed for a 30-day period.

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