23 November 2009

TV video "Macedonian Wine - Timeless" promoted

T-Rex production in cooperation with the Government promoted Friday a new video in the Macedonia Timeless series, whose aim is to promote Macedonian wine. The Euro 120.000 video, which will be aired on global TV channels, was directed by Ivo Trajkov, written by Zlatko Kalenikov and actor Nikola Ristanovski stars in it.
The video was shot at vineyards characteristic for Macedonia, in the wine cellars of Bovin and Skovin and at famous Macedonian sites. - This video is what our wine needs, because it presents the entire process of production - from vineyards to bottling to branding. The goal is to inform the world about the unique taste and centuries-long tradition, Minister of Agriculture, Forstry and Water Management Ljupco Dimovski stated after seeing the video.
Screenwriter Kalenikov said the video illustrated in the best possible manner that wine had been produced in Macedonia for centuries. - The idea was to illustrate the tradition of making and drinking wine in Macedonia through the three main ways of wine tasting - color, scent and taste. Color brings us back in ancient time, scent in 19th century and taste reflects modern times, said Kalenikov.
- I'm glad we've made a commercial which first and foremost has a story and concrete objective. Only the quality of our wine needs to be promoted.
This is the goal of Government's propaganda, director Trajkov stated. Due to favourable geographical location and weather conditions, Macedonia has myriad opportunities to produce quality wine, which thus far was not promoted enough or branded.

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