15 October 2009

MANU: Encyclopedia will Not be Withdrawn

The Macedonian Encyclopedia will not be withdrawn, but only corrected in the points that caused a stir last month, decided late Tuesday the Assembly of the Macedonian Academy of Science and Arts (MANU).
Academician Georgi Stardelov said after the session that the discussion was constructive, aimed at finding the path towards a solution, "which will be autonomous". "The public is engulfed in lots of politics regarding assessments for our encyclopedia. We are trying to work autonomously without any political pressure", stated Stardelov.
The session, which is to resume next week, will also debate on the final conclusions of the MANU Presidency regarding the possible replacement of the editorial board. The first national encyclopedia was formally promoted last month, resulting in reactions mainly among the country's Albanian political parties, which disputed certain points and asked for their correction, as well as the edition's withdrawal.

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