22 September 2009

MANU promotes Macedonian Encyclopedia

Macedonian Academy of Science and Art (MANU) launched Wednesday the first national "Macedonian Encyclopedia". Following years of preparation by the Lexicographic Center during which time 260 associates were engaged under the leadership of the chief editor, academician Blaze Ristovski, the Macedonian Encyclopedia was published this year with funds from the Government. 
Considering the criterion of objectivity, the editorial staff scientifically verified a myriad of facts that are contained in two volumes (A-Lj and M-Sh) in a total of 1.671 pages. The edition contains over 9.000 entries for persons, events, etc. with more than 5.000 illustrations. 
Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, welcoming the publishing of the Macedonian Encyclopedia, said it sublimated the knowledge of the modern Macedonian scholars about the complex appearance of the country, people and state. - The project may not fully depict the overall being and growth of Macedonia. However, it scans authentically Macedonia's point of view about its cultural and political past and present and strives to become an objective, integral information about us and our country, stated Gruevski. 
Academician Ristovski in his speech referred to its conception and background. - We've attempted to sum up the millenium development of Macedonia and the eras of the history of this nation. It includes millions of data, facts and arguments about the legitimacy of Macedonia in history and in modern times, said Ristovski. MANU president Georgi Stardelov stated the edition was the first Macedonian encyclopedia freed from foreign historical interpretations. 
- It is not only an encyclopedia of the Macedonian people, but also of the Macedonian state by presenting persons and events depicting the ethnic communities in Macedonia, especially the Albanian and Turkish ones, he said. MANU intends to publish the Macedonian Encyclopedia in an extended edition with several volumes and to transplate in into English.

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