15 February 2012

Snow hinders traffic in Macedonia, flights at Skopje airport realised without delay

Dojran lake
Traffic on the road network across Macedonia is severely hindered and difficult as a result of snowfalls.
Motorways are wet and slippery with snowdrifts. Low temperatures have caused frost to appear on mountains, ravines and bridges.
Heavy vehicles are barred on Krak Mavrovo - Debar and Debar - Struga and Struga - Kafasan as well as on mountain slopes Straza, Preseka, Bukovo and Gjavato.
The Auto-Moto Association of Macedonia says that light avalanches have occurred on mountain slopes Mavrovo, Straza and Gjavato due to intensive snowfalls and strong winds.
Drivers are reminded to adjust their speed and driving actions to the conditions especially on higher places and lanes where landslide is possible.
The intensity of the traffic is moderate outside the urban areas, and the same condition is taking place on the border crossings where there aren't any longer delays needed for accomplishing all the customs formalities.
Alexander the Great airport in Skopje is opened and functional. All morning take-offs and landings took place without delays.
Flights will be realised as scheduled throughout the day, because the runway is being cleaned round the clock.
St. Paul the Apostle airport in Ohrid is opened, even though there are no scheduled flights till Sunday afternoon.

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