22 August 2009

German author pens book on Mother Theresa's youth

"Mother Teresa - Her Youth in Skopje" is the title of a new book by German linguist and journalist Wolf Oschlies, who has taken part in almost every seminar on Macedonian language, held annually in Ohrid. The book covers the youth of Gonxhe Bojaxhiu from her birth in Skopje in 1910 till 1928. Author Oschiles in his book writes that Gonxhe Bojaxhiu was born with disability and was constantly ill throughout her childhood.
Despite that her wealthy family had provided her a happy childhood and youth. Oschiles intertwines the changes within the young woman and the old city.
He uses Mother Teresa as a "core" to paint a vivid picture of the historical Skopje. The book is written in a reporting style, much differently from many other books on Mother Teresa.
The writer explains events that had influenced her education, work and life. The book also includes 35 historical photos and cards.
Made up of 193 pages, the books is published by Wieser Verlag and costs Euro 12,95.

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